DigiFam Final ConferenceApril 16th, 2024

On April 16th, 2024, the final conference of the project DigiFam took place in Belval Campus, at the University of Luxembourg. In this fruitful event, the final results of the project were explained and a total of eleven invited guests presented their research projects. At 9h, the conference begun with Maria Obojska’s presentation about the project, followed by a questions and answers. Afterwards, well-known researchers as Rosie Flewitt or Claudine Kirsch presented their research projects. After a break at lunch time, the pannels continued and the conversations around the topics presented arose. At the end, a final group discussion was held to solve questions and continue further discussions that followed the presentations. 

Helping Your Children Develop Multiple Languages – Event for Families – November 18th, 2023

On November 18th, 2023, the third gathering for multilingual families took place in the University of Luxembourg. The aim of the event was to share the current research-based knowledge with the families in a children and family-friendly space. At the beginning, Maria Objoska and prof. Claudine Kirsch started the discussion about helping children develop multiple languages, which opened a space for families to share their experiences. Two simultaneous drop-in sessions around digital media and language learning as well as the importance of dialogic reading for language development led to interesting conversations between the families and the hosts. A very enriching morning!




Supporting Multilingualism at Home – Event for FamiliesMay 6th, 2023

On May 6th, 2023, we met with multilingual families from Luxembourg and shared current research-based knowledge on family multilingualism in the form of a relaxed, family – friendly workshop. Prof. Claudine Kirsch, expert in multilingualism education, opened the discussion on myths about bilingualism and opened the floor for a lively discussion on children who grow up multilingual and how parents can help them develop skills in their different languages. Three simultaneous drop-in sessions encouraged further discussions and sharing on practices related to storytelling to promote language development, the use of digital media and the use of songs as tools for language learning within a child-centered, age-appropriate context. Thank you all for sharing your experiences with us!